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Value of Coaching

Answer the following quick questions:
– What is disengagement costing your business? (Every year)
– What is dissatisfaction costing your business?
– What is low productivity costing your business?
– What is inefficient systems costing you?
– What is turnover costing your business?
– What is stress costing you?

If you answered these honestly…you’ll discover its expensive. Add to this the impact on other staff, culture and your customers. The cost of unhappy staff and service is far more detrimental to your business today than previous years.

Social media makes it amplified when staff or customers are not happy. Most of the time the business doesn’t even know its reputation, credibility and trust are compromised. This where coaching comes into own.

Einstein said…
Not everything that counts can be counted….and not everything that is counted counts

Coaching is similar in a way, the benefits, effects and impact on the staff and customers is not always noticeable. Yet, the impact when it is not there is felt. It’s the same as the quality of air you breathe…when you go into smog you notice it immediately. When the air is clear…it’s easier to breathe and taken for granted.

Different types of coaching:
– Business coaching
– Strategic Coaching
– Workplace coaching
– Relationship coaching
– Health/wellness coaching
– Life coaching
– Financial coaching
– Career coaching
– Leadership coaching
– Management coaching
– Stress management coaching
– Conflict resolution coaching
– Entrepreneur coaching
– Performance coaching
– Personal development coaching
– Sales coaching
– Skills coaching
– Group coaching (To list a few)

The Value of Coaching

Most businesses over a period of 12, 24, 36, 48+ months report:

– Lower staff turnover
– Happy staff
– Happier customers
– Take on more responsibility
– More accountable
– More loyal
– Have more innovative ideas
– Higher confidence and empowerment

Coaching will save you lots of money in the long term. It’s proven that over and over and surprises me every-time.
If you have any questions about coaching…feel free to contact me.

Ps. It’s worked for many others and can work for you.