A Great Book To Grow Your Leadership Capabilities

The Top 5 Strategic Leadership Capabilities is a reference guide eBook for any leader who desires to grow their leadership capabilities. There are very few strategic leaders and if you think of the most successful leaders…most will be strategic leaders.

In this eBook you’ll learn about:
     • The Difference Between Leadership and Strategic Leadership
The Top 5 Strategic Leadership Capabilities
The Benefits of Strategic Leadership (Personal/Business)
     • The 18 Strategic Leadership Capabilities
The 21 Strategic Leadership Roles 
The 28 Strategic Leadership Values 
The 5 Strategic Leadership Areas
     • Why Strategic Leaders Are Always In High Demand         

This eBook is for you if like to grow your leadership, or hone your existing leadership skills.
NB: Available soon!


What else will you gain?

Strategy Clarity

Strategic Leaders have a clear strategy with strategic objectives connected to a vision, purpose and mission to navigate the future.

Build Capabilities

Strategic leaders are at the forefront in preparing and developing people and business capabilities to deal with changes and uncertainty.

Adaptable Culture

Strategic Leaders create, drive and nurture an adaptable, agile and innovative culture. This keeps the culture dynamic and resilient.

The Top 5 Strategic Leadership Capabilities —
Audio Book

The audio book is a great way to listen if you don’t have the time to read the eBook. It will be downloaded as a MP3 audio file. NB: Available Soon!