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Leadership Coaching

Learn how to an influencer, gain trust, and inspire action to deliver higher engagement, collaboration and results.

Leadership today is different, intricate and ever-changing. It spans from inspiring people, to make calls that you don’t like doing, yet must be done.

Leaders play many roles…from a boss, coach, colleague, friend and mentor. They also have to show up when things don’t go as planned, and be accountable for other peoples’ mistakes, or their own.

Leaders face new demands and pressures everyday from boards, share-holders, staff, higher customer expectations, marketplace competitors, news feeds, blogs, and social media.

Leaders today must… 

1. Keep up with current changes in every area of business

This is stressful and can cause information overload and anxiety. It’s the same as keeping up with the Kardashians…monitoring every move they do and working out where they are going next without knowing their movements. A smart way to ensure your on top of current events is to have few key trusted information sources and have them deliver it to you.

2. Always be learning about what’s new and having your finger on the pulse

This feeds the ego and gives a short lived high that’s fleeting. Its filling the gap of lack and it’s a story most leaders buy into. Wanting to know everything makes you look smart…however with a few intelligent questions you can be facilitating something way greater. (It’s a lot easier and smarter way of functioning)

3. Lead and Innovate

This choice is a lot more fulfilling, satisfying and creates high value for all parties involved. It’s looking inside and seeing what can be done better or what can be created. To lead and innovate is to see everything is a possibility for contribution to make peoples’ lives easier.

Most leaders deal with similar challenges in different contexts ranging from…

• Cultural Diversity
 Attracting and Keeping Top Talent
 Speed of New Competition
 Being Competitive
 Strategic Positioning
 Performance and Accountability
 Succession Planning
 Employee Relationships

Are your current leadership competencies adequate enough to lead? Or are you just getting by and not thriving. The skills required are not the skills you learn in everyday situations…as they are situational skills or interactive skills.

New Leadership Consciousness

A new leadership consciousness is required today for the future.  Fresh points of view to business, people, processes, technology, profits and the environment. Successful executives collaborate and engage their people, build their leadership competencies, and grow the business together.


When you partner-up with SBC, here’s what happens in 6 – 12 months, you will have a better sense of who you are, develop a tool-kit of different leadership skills and strategies to get more from your performance and people.  Leadership Coaching works towards agreed objectives. 

If, you’re truly committed to having better leadership text/call Victor on 0403 824 368 or email

(Ps. SBC has only a limited number of spots on a yearly basis. Please contact us to see if there is any availability, or you can go on the wait list. You will be qualified to see if you are eligible and compatible)

* Strategic Leadership Coaching – This is an invitation-only and by-application only coaching program for Founders and C-Suite Leaders. For more information, please go to: