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Marketing Coaching

Design a brand where customers love buying your products and services again and again from your business.

Most businesses spend thousands and millions on advertising and marketing. Most expect customers to come knocking on the door jumping out of their skin wanting to buy their products and services. Well, the reality is, it doesn’t happen this way, because a lot of businesses are making the same 7 advertising and marketing mistakes.

They’re doing the same things most other businesses do…
  1. Trying to compete with competitors (On price/quantity/quality/service/media)
  2. Don’t know their “point of difference” (Or being so different they don’t relate!)
  3. No clear “specific value offer” (No value or upside in the offer for the customer/client)
  4. Don’t clearly outline their “benefits”
  5. Use the wrong sequence of words to attract, motivate or inspire action
  6. Don’t address customers’ specific problems and provide general solutions
  7. Don’t target a niche market audience (who to market to accurately)
Three things are clear from working with 100’s of different size businesses…

Firstly, most business people don’t know the difference between “advertising and marketing”:

  • Advertising is promoting your products and services through different media channels.
    (Print, Radio, TV, Online etc)
  • Marketing is the information you communicate in your promotions in the most attractive way to encourage prospects to buy.
    (Incentives, branding, positioning, market research and promotions to capture new or existing prospects)

Secondly, most businesses do the same thing over and over and are not getting the results they desire.
Yet, only 3 out of 10 businesses know how to successfully advertise and market correctly.

And thirdly, some businesses have found ways to make lots of conversions from their advertising and marketing promotions on shoestring budgets. They know how to accurately use the right sequence of words and pictures…to address customers’ needs and wants, solve their specific problems with solutions and offers to target hungry and thirsty prospects.

Do you have any of the following problems?

– Stress and worry in attracting new business customers
– Spending lots of money on advertising with little return
– Customers are using up their profit margins (Due to competitiveness)
– Getting little or no referrals from existing customers
– Irregular purchases and in small amounts from customers
– Low repeat customer sales
– Customers comparing their products or services on price only

Is this happening to you or your business?

Then I recommend implementing key marketing strategies and systems.  When you join up with SBC’s Business Marketing Coaching, you’ll get the skills to know how to advertise and market specifically that deliver profitable results.

If, you’re committed to having more business text/call Victor on 0403 824 368 or email

(Ps. SBC has only a limited number of spots on a yearly basis. Please contact us to see if there is any availability. You will be qualified to see if you are eligible and compatible with our values)