Mastering Strategic Leadership Coaching Program

The Top 15 Leadership Challenges and Problems Leaders Face Every Day:   

  1. Declining market share, revenue, margins and turnover  
  2. Pressure of competing against direct and indirect brands
  3. Increasing business risks, costs and expenses 
  4. Unrealistic expectations to constantly deliver high results  
  5. Negotiating different stakeholder agendas and politics 
  6. Dealing with ongoing differences, conflicts and opposition
  7. Burden of ensuring sustainability of business  
  8. Stress of delivering attractive and competitive value  
  9. Consistently defending and justifying views, decisions and actions  
  10. Conflicting demands, priorities and projects 
  11. Resistance to execution (Innovation, vision, purpose and strategy)
  12. Grueling pace of change, disruption, ambiguity and complexity
  13. Tension of working in toxic or disempowering environments
  14. Meeting ongoing compliance, regulations and standards
  15. Staying relevant to changing demographic interests        

Mastering Strategic Leadership Coaching Program Results:

Individual Results

  1. Gain trust, support, commitment and positive-action from stakeholders
  2. Increase influence, impact, reach, credibility and reputation  
  3. Be an ‘Aspirational Leader’ who is respected and regarded
  4. Turn conflicts, disagreements and opposition in advocates
  5. Read trends to see if genuine opportunities exist
  6. Recognize and see threats before they escalate
  7. Navigate ‘expected and unforeseen’ challenges  
  8. Resolve incomplete,contradictory and changing situations
  9. Lead, anticipate, interpret and guide through uncertainty and ambiguity

Organizational Results

  1. Inspire far-reaching trust ‘inside and outside’ the organization
  2. Produce ‘trustworthy and desirable-value’ for stakeholders 
  3. Attract, grow and expand across diverse generational audiences
  4. Increase involvement, engagement and commitment 
  5. Generate more income and revenue streams 
  6. Stay relevant and always ahead of the game
  7. Respected, regarded and revered as a leading organization
  8. Resilient, adaptive, agile, responsive and progressive  
  9. Align leadership, strategy, culture and people = better performance and results  

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(Ps. SBC has only a limited number of spots on a yearly basis. Please contact us to see if their is any availability or you can go on the wait list. You will be qualified to see if you are eligible and compatible)