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Everybody in network marketing knows that finding and talking to new prospects is difficult and time consuming for most network marketers! However it doesn’t have to be this way…

A lot of network marketers have the same problems…finding people who are interested in
the business opportunity. Yet they are the people who make things happen and are open
to new opportunities all the time.

Would you like to know how to increase your leads in your network marketing business?
If, you’re like most network marketers…you’ll probably have the following questions.

Here are 5 common questions that affect all network marketers businesses:

Q1. How do you get more quality leads interested in the business opportunity?
Q2. What is the most effective way to qualify and approach prospects?
Q3. How do you follow-up prospects after the first meet and greet?
Q4. What do you do with prospects who don’t like or reject network marketing?
Q5. How do you overcome my fears?

So let’s answer these questions in brief…

Q1. How do you get more quality leads interested in the business opportunity?

Most network marketers go with family first, friends second and then work, school or social contacts. Next is clubs, network groups and associations. The key to all of this is being prepared. Have all your material clear…from your opening questions, 30 second story to your follow-up script until its natural. I’ll let you in on a marketers secret…become an expert in your product or business. Be known as an expert where you are trusted and have credibility. Write in magazines or articles online and you’ll automatically become known as the expert. Then people will start come to you rather than you go to them.

Q2. What is the most effective way to qualify and approach prospects?

Ask questions and listen! Yes, easy and simple…Ask them what they are looking for? Then listen and respond to what they are looking for. So, the most effective way is not to sell the opportunity up front unless they are already qualified. Offer them ‘options’…here are 3 options for you, A, B, & C and one might work for you? Give it a go…see what happens.

How do you follow-up prospects after the first meet and greet?

Be needless and need-free when you contact them. When they feel your not needy or trying to control the situation people tend to respond better and be more open. You can ask them, “Lets’ get together for a chat to see if you’re interested or not”. So you qualify them and invest in the prospects that are interested. The ones who are not ask them to keep it in mind for the future as their situation may change. Also, ask if they know someone who might it be suitable for and if they could forward it on.

Q4. What do you do with people who don’t like, or reject network marketing? 

This is a common perception amongst Network Marketing. You simply agree and say yes most people say that and when they find out more about it they see it differently. Network marketing is the new model of business as it’s a social networking business. (By saying this you’re associating it with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram as it’s socially received well)

Q5. How do you overcome fears?

Here is my most effective recommendation…take action. Read, listen and practice until you feel confident. Practice is the key and you get better by doing more of it. Learn one skill at a time and then move on. Always evaluate what you can do to improve it next time. Step-by-step you’ll become proficient and before you know it you’ll be competent in your field.

If, you want to take your business to the next level, then by getting a Network Marketing Coach you’ve done the first step. Call Victor on +61 403 824 368 or email

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