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Do you often have new ideas come to you? Is it easy for you to see opportunities and possibilities regularly where others don’t? Are you always feeling that you ought to be owning your own business? 

Successful entrepreneurs play in the abundant possibilities, have fun and love what they do. Business or work is not a job for them…it is a contribution, a joy of living and an energy of enthusiasm. They don’t limit themselves and are always looking for fresh opportunities.

Successful entrepreneurs take risks often…small day to day ones to big ones. They learn that risks are the steps to success and taking no action is not an option…so the smartest choice is to move forward to make some mistakes and learn fast from them.

What do successful entrepreneurs look for in a business:

• What are the possibilities?
• What are the opportunities?
• What will it take to make it happen?
• What value can I add?
• What are the risks?
• What are the rewards?
• Is it a profitable model?
• Will the business have repeat customers?
• Can it be expanded?
• Why are they buying the product or service?
• What problems does the product or service solve?
• Why is it better than the competitors?
• Why is it worth the price?
• Would you tell others about it?
• Are people asking if they can invest?

Most successful entrepreneurs see business as a series of ongoing fun projects leading to the next new business adventure. They have a clear idea and picture of what they want to have happen and decide this to be their reality.

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