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Most businesses want to know how to reduce advertising costs, or get better ROI’s, build brand awareness and reputation, or get more customers and sales…

Everybody knows businesses spend thousands and millions on advertising and marketing with the expectation customers will come knocking on their door wanting to buy their products and services.

The reality is it doesn’t happen this way, because a lot of businesses are making the same 7 advertising and marketing mistakes. 

1. They try to compete with competitors (On price/quantity/quality/service/brand/countries)
2. Don’t know their “point of difference”
3. Don’t have a clear “specific unique offer”
4. Don’t clearly outline their “value” (Different to benefits & features)
5. Use the wrong sequence of words to attract, motivate or inspire action
6. Don’t address their customers’ true problems
7. Don’t know their target market (And who to not to market to)

We’ve found out 3 things from working with 100’s of businesses…firstly lots of business people don’t know the difference between advertising and marketing:

Advertising is promoting your products and services through different media channels.
(Print, radio, TV, online)

Marketing is the information you communicate in your promotions in the most attractive way to encourage prospects to buy. This is done through incentives, branding, positioning, trust, credibility, reputation, market research and promotions to capture new or existing customers.

Secondly, most businesses do the same thing over and over and are not getting the results they want. Yet, only 3 out of 10 businesses know how to successfully advertise and market correctly.

And thirdly, some businesses have found ways to make lots of money from their advertising and marketing promotions on shoestring budgets. Yes, is true, they know how to advertise and market by using the right sequence of words (Copy), specific pictures, addressing customers’ needs and wants, solving their problems and having specific clear offers to target hungry and thirsty prospects.

Most businesses have similar problems:

  • Stress and worry in attracting new business customers
  • Spending lots of money on advertising with little return
  • Competitors getting more business than them
  • Getting little or no referrals from existing customers
  • Irregular purchases and in small amounts from customers
  • Low repeat customer sales
  • Customers comparing their products or services on price only
  • Don’t know how to build or maintain trust, reputation and credibility

Is this happening to you, then I recommend implementing a few savvy marketing strategies and systems. When you join up with SBC Business Marketing Coaching, you will get the specific strategies, systems and skills to know how to advertise and market specifically in your industry that delivers high performance results.

If you like to have successful business strategies (the ones successful businesses know and apply), then contact us so you can get started. Call Victor on +61 403 824 368, or you can email:

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