"Research Reveals 80% of Businesses Fail Because They Have No Clear Business Plans...Don't Make The Same Mistakes As Others"

Business Plan Outline

The Business Plan Template covers Nine (9) Core Business Planning Pillars for your Business Success...

1. Executive Summary
2. Company Overview
3. Product/Service Description
4. Marketing Strategy Plan
5. Sales Strategy Plan 
6. Business Development Expansion Plan
7. Operations Management Plan
8. Management Team
9. Financial Analysis Management
10. Capital Investment
11. Table of Appendices

Why Have A Business Plan?

Most business plans are written because they...

- Define and clarify a new business structure
- Define a business partnership agreement
- Assist loan application submission
- Demonstrate business venture to raise capital funds
- Set business vision, goals, and objectives
- Prepare business for sale or legal purposes
- Plan new products, services, and promotions to market
- Outline business expansion

Business Plan Coaching

Business Plan Coaching Support

- Create a clear business vision
- Know what values drive your business
- Clarify your business mission
- Anticipate your business challenges ahead and to...
- Implement solutions faster
- Action-plan that gives you direction!

Having a Business Coach gets your business plan up and running faster with expert advice, guidance, insider-business information, and strategies to take you and your business forward.

Starting a business plan can be a daunting task. This easy step-by-step guide business plan template will get you started within 7 days. The time tested adage - "if you fail to plan to fail" is unfortunately true for most businesses. Ninety (90%) per cent of businesses are unsuccessful in the first three years and most surveyed said they didn't have a clear business plan. A business plan does not guarantee you success...however it does minimize the risks and you direct your energies on success.

This easy fill-in guide helps you turn your dream or business idea into a sound business plan. It will help you think more clearly about what you want to do. If you have an established business it can help you refine it further or revision it. The business plan template will get your business started quickly and confidently.

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