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If you’d ever like know how the top successful leaders of today are keeping up with changes and have the leading edge…now is the time! Would you like to expand your leadership style? Would you like to know how to make clear decisions? 

What is Leadership?

Anyone who is in a position of influence and who is in charge of people ranging from executives, managers, team leaders, supervisors, mums/dads or business owners.

Senior leaders today are facing many diverse challenges…

• Business Model
• Stakeholder Negotiations
• Health Insurance Cover
• Digital Security
• Uncertain Economies
• Marketplace Competition
• Market Saturation
• Capital Funding
• Growth Strategies
• Good Corporate Citizenship
• Strategic Management
• Innovation, People and Technology
• Cultural Communication
• Talent Hiring
• Mastering Influence
• Work/Life Flow
• Growing Business, People and Profits
• Facilitating Change
• People Performance
• Dealing With Pressures
• Efficiency and Effectiveness
• Facilitating Disruptive Change

Leadership is consistently changing. It spans from inspiring people, to making calls that you don’t really want to do. Delivering news…be it uplifting or not, fronting up and showing up when things don’t go as planned. Being accountable for other peoples mistakes, and our own.

Leadership is the blend of awareness, intuition, values, skill, information and courage to have a big picture with a roadmap. What leadership asks of you is greater than what you ask of you. It’s having the clock, compass, sun, moon, planets and stars as a map to navigate the present and future.

Most people in leadership positions know you have to be as present as possible and living in a constant state of open-readiness. Leadership is not the domain of senior management only. It’s transitioned into enabling the whole business to be a culture of leadership.

What leadership style are you functioning from? What kind of  leadership style do you model in your workplace and the public?  The leadership style of today will not be the same in the future. What are you missing in your leadership style? What leadership style will be required for the future?

Note: Many leaders are not clear that ‘leadership styles are different to leadership traits’.

We’ve discovered (along with researchers from ancient to present) the key 21 leadership styles. Knowing this allows you to develop different strengths, traits, skills, capacities and competencies to effectively lead differently. Leadership styles are similar to wearing different clothes for different roles of a play. You play different roles in life and this is also true for your leadership style.

Could your current leadership style do with a makeover? What leadership style can you add to make you more effective? What leadership style would make you more productive? Most leaders don’t ask these questions and can easily develop or learn some new styles to compliment their current leadership style.

Successful leaders have multiple styles of leadership. This gives them the leading edge in business.

If you partner with SBC, then will start mastering more leadership styles to know what every situation requires from you and to act appropriately.

If you want your leadership to go to the next level, take the first step and call Victor on +61 403 824 368 or email sbc@strategicbusinesscoach.com.au

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